The studios are unusually open spaces, particularly for a heavy timber structure. The ceiling height is 12 feet and the module is 30 feet x 30 feet, completely clear of structural impediments. This is achieved with an inverted cable truss, with steel cables fastened to the corner timbers and meeting at a "kingpin" that extends down two feet from the middle of the ceiling, as illustrated in the cross section below. All structural elements are fully exposed.
Cross section, 1575 West 6th
Ventilation and light are maximized by the organization of the units around the atrium, which is open to the south and is unshadowed for most of the day. Every unit is exposed on at least two opposing sides, enhancing ambient light and natural ventilation.

The building is divided into 25 units in a variety of sizes. The division is arbitrary and entirely flexible, as the demising walls Plan view, floor 2, 1575 West 6thplay no role in the heavy timber structure. The underground level of the ground floor units is shown in the cross section, and planned demising is shown in the plan view of the second floor. The west wing of the building is three stories, while the east wing is four. The top floor units of both wings access roof decks equal in size to the unit floorplate. The decks are heavily lanscaped with edible berry bushes and fruit trees, as well as a variety of herbs and ivy.

Parking is underground, with entry through the garage of my neighbouring building, 1529 West 6th Avenue. Heating will be fired by a central plant, and distributed by either open grill hot water radiators or in floor radiant piping, depending on the floor finish we use.